amanda gower
uncle roy all around you
Location-based game - online and mobile (2003)
Blast Theory, University of Nottingham's Mixed Reality Lab, in association with BT
Uncle Roy All Around You was a game played online and on the streets in a virtual and real city. The game investigated some of the social changes brought about by mobile devices, and location-aware technologies. It premiered at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London in June 2003.
Uncle Roy All Around You was developed in association with BT's Gaming Futures Research Project, which investigated emerging technologies and trends in gaming and their impact on future telecommunications services.
In it's intitial presentation online players and street players collaborated to find Uncle Roy's office. Street players explored the city streets using a handheld device, and online players inhabited a virtual replica of the city. All players appeared in the virtual city as avatars.
Street players used an interactive map to declare their location and receive contextual messages from Uncle Roy who directed them to different locations in the city. Online players could uncover hidden clues in the virtual city, follow the progress of street players as they moved around and send short audio messages to individual players to get them to their destination.
Uncle Roy All Around You was also presented at the Cornerhouse in Manchester, in collaboration with Digital Summer, and at The Public in West Bromwich as part of Fierce! festival.
The mobile client and the virtual environments for the experience were developed by BT.
Nominated: BAFTA Award in Interactive Arts, 2004
Nominated: BAFTA Award in Technical & Social Innovation, 2004
Nominated: Net Art Award at the Webby Awards, USA, 2004
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