Location Based Video Stories

  • role: user experience design, evaluation, team leader (BT)
  • work: mobile application, website, TV exemplars
  • partners: BT, BBC, Microsoft Research Cambridge

Stories@Kew was a location-based experience inviting the public to discover, create and share video stories about Kew, using GPS enabled mobile phones. Stories@Kew was held at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, from 5th to the 9th April 2007.

The Stories@Kew mobile application displayed points of interest (POIs) and supported interaction with, and the creation of, location-specific media. At each POI, participants could view professional videos about Kew; make a video in response to a prompt; and view videos made by other visitors at that location.

The geo-tagged videos were uploaded to a website for participants to access Stories@Kew content at home. The content was integrated into Internet TV exemplars which demonstrated how user generated content could augment a television show, for example 'A Year at Kew' over IPTV (Internet TV).

This work involved designing and evaluating both the user experience, and the technologies and applications developed for the trial. Stories@Kew was developed as part of the Participate Research Project


  • Participate:
  • Investigated cross-platform participation in campaigns and events by members of the public in response to calls to action.
  • Explored the use of missions, games and user authoring to engage the public in creating and sharing information about their local environment.
  • Developed technologies, production tools, participation formats and user experiences for web, mobile and broadband television platforms.
  • Partners: BT, BBC, Microsoft Research Cambridge, Blast Theory, ScienceScope, University of Nottingham and the University of Bath.
  • Supported by the Technology Strategy Board and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).