Augmented Reality Art

  • role: artist, animation
  • work: augmented reality mobile app, gallery experience
  • info: art installation, Curiosity Collective Show 'Together Apart', Ipswich

Empty Premises was a created in response to the empty buildings in Ipswich. Abstract textures created from photos of decaying buildings are mapped onto 3D blocks which animated in a continual state of pulling together and apart. 7 well known architecural landmarks were represented by physical trigger cards layered on to a larger map of Ipswich. The animations, specific to each location card, could be viewed through the Aurasma Augmented Reality App on a visitor's smartphone.

The work was shown as part of Curiosity Collective 'Together Apart Show' April 2013, Ipswich.

The Curiosity Collective is a group of enthusiasts, designers and artists working in Ipswich, UK. Many are technologists seeking a fun experimental outlet for their technical skills. Other contributors are audiovisual specialists, photographers, art curators.