amanda gower
plunged in a stream
Multi-part art installation with networked computer animation (2005)
Langlands & Bell, Futurecity, BT
Plunged In A Stream took the hidden river Senne/Zenne running through the centre of Brussels and used it as an exploration of the cityscape, history, languages and peoples. The interactive networked installation was created by Langlands & Bell in collaboration with BT and exhibited at the National Archaelogical site of the Coudenberg Palace in central Brussels in April 2005.
Plunged In A Stream was the first exhibition in the BT Connected World Art Series. The Art Series combined BT's research technology with the talent of contemporary artists to stimulate dialogue about art and technology and business and society.
The immersive work augmented the underground archealogical site of the Coudenberg Palace with three types of digital projections: the digital re-imagining of the river at selected points in the site; floating avatar heads, texts and sounds to narrate an alternate mapping of the river; and a networked virtual reality environment allowing multiple visitors to rediscover the underground site from the inside.
The digital reconstruction of the site was created using BT's proprietry virtual reality research technology, enhanced to support video avatars, digital river animations and positional audio. Visitors navigated the virtual environment using a joystick.
Shortlisted: British Council, Arts & Business International Award, 2005
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