amanda gower
Mass participation research and development project (2006 - 2008)
BT, BBC, Microsoft, Blast Theory, Sciencescope, Nottingham and Bath University
Participate was a research project which investigated cross-platform participation in campaigns and events by members of the public in response to calls to action. The project explored the use of missions, games and user authoring to engage the public in creating and sharing information about their local environment. User experience trials ran from February 2007 up until November 2008.
Participate partners worked together to develop technologies, production tools, participation formats and user experiences for web, mobile and broadband television platforms. These were deployed and evaluated in independent user studies, each with a different focus. These include:
Bicker Manor - a multi-client platform that demonstrated how the web, mobile and IPTV can be combined to direct, capture and present User Generated Content for media campaigns and events.
Stories@Kew - a location based media application that enabled the public to use GPS enabled mobile phones to discover and access media at a location, then create and publish their own videos in response to a directed call to action.
Prof Tanda's Guess-A-Ware - a contextually aware mobile game that encouraged players to build a picture of their lifestyle in relation to the environment.
Participate Schools - a web platform and programme of learning activities supporting schools across the UK to collect environmental data, create movies and posters, and share their outcomes online.
Widgets - an investigation into desktop widgets to view, share, comment and compete in daily challenges.
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